Contact Info

Lido Degli Angeli "CaseVacanza"
Via Boselli (ex via 288),
Località Lido degli Angeli
73010 Porto Cesareo (LE)

Numeri di Telefono
+39 0833 569439 Reception
+39 328 9289207 Office
+39 327 5320404 Beach
+39 329 6657969 Alessandra
+39 335 6167690 Pino



Open from 8.00 am

You can try our tasty breakfast with brioches and croissants.
During the day you can relax and enjoy a refreshing slush, or our typical “espressino freddo” (cold coffee cream).

Cafeteria Self Service

Open from 12.30 pm to 3.00 pm

Our self service includes hot and cold dishes with fresh food cooked at the moment. Cafeteria is next to the bar.
Cold dishes consist of fresh and cooked vegetables, dairy products and cold platters.
Our first courses, cooked at the moment, are typical of the traditional Italian kitchen but they are also inspired to the recipes of Puglia!
Our second courses are cooked in different ways and consist of meat, fish and vegetables.
With our self service you can eat in a free and quick way, choosing between different menus every day.

Salento...esperienza da vivere !